Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smashbooking Our Awesome Adventure, Part 2 -- Denmark

Last week I posted the Smashbook pages from the first leg of my husband's and my awesome 10th anniversary adventure, visiting family in England.  Today I'm sharing the pages from our days in Denmark, where we visited friends I knew when I served a mission there for my church and did lots of fun sightseeing.  It was so fun to show Dan the places I knew and loved so well -- I love that Smashbooking gives me such an easy way to record lots of little details we might otherwise forget.  And I love that it gives me a reason to use all the yummy washi tape I've stockpiled...

Any LDS friends might recognize the guy in this picture as the actor who played Jesus in The Testaments.  He was in my ward when I was a missionary, and I was so surprised he remembered me.  Mostly because he remembered the incredibly talented elder that I sang with quite frequently...

I had this page specifically in mind when I bought this cute road washi tape.  So fun!

I bought a set of old Danish dairy advertising cards at this museum, and used them to add more photos and journaling to a couple different pages.  This one says "Milk Butter Cheese" and then at the bottom, a word that doesn't have a direct translation that I can only approximate as "dairy-licious food!"

Inside this "Eat with the Danes" card, I wrote about all our food adventures in DK.

Next up, beautiful fantastic amazing Norway.  Ah, I get happy just thinking about it...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smashbooking Our Awesome Adventure!

Last summer, my husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a fun and exciting trip to England (to visit family), Denmark (so I could show Dan where I lived and served as a missionary for my church), and Norway (just for fun). A couple of months before, just as we were beginning to plan the trip, I had the luck of getting to go to a Smashbooking class at Creating Keepsakes headquarters, taught by the fantastic Megan Hoeppner. I knew Smashing would be the perfect way to commemorate our upcoming adventure, so as we traveled I saved all our memorabilia so I could include it. Now, my original intention was to create the book as we went along on our trip, gluing in memorabilia and writing up journaling each day. That totally didn't happen. In fact, all of the fun bits and pieces from our trip, as well as my Smashbook, sat in a ziploc bag in my scrapbook room until March, when I went to the ScrapbookUSA Expo for a weekend and decided to make it happen. And I'm so glad I finally did, because I LOVE how it turned out! My Smashbook is heavy on journaling, because I wanted to remember all the little bits of experience we had together, and then lots of pictures and memorabilia. I know that this will be a treasure for Dan and me for the rest of our lives, because it really captures so much about our adventure together. There are a LOT of pages in a Smashbook, and I filled nearly the whole thing. That's a little much for one blog post, so I'm going to break it up into three parts. This first post covers planning the trip and the England leg of the journey. Dan's sister Jana is married to an English guy and they live in London, and my little brother Eric is married to an English girl and they live about an hour south of London, so we had lots of wonderful people to see.
I doodled this title page during the class at Creating Keepsakes.

I adhered this brochure into the book in such a way that it could fold out entirely.  Then I used the interior to add more pictures.

Smashbooking is so fun!  It stretches your creative muscles in a whole new way.  I'll post the pages from Denmark and Norway over the next few days and link them up here!