Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fullness of Joy - Coloring Page #26

***Great news! I'm turning my coloring pages into a beautiful coloring book and journal, which will be published and ready to ship just in time for Christmas! If you're interested, you can pre-order now on Kickstarter!***

Happy Sunday, friends! I really loved General Conference last weekend. I noticed a recurring theme with so many speakers, too -- it was all about JOY! Joy in life, joy in the gospel, joy in our discipleship. President Nelson's talk was especially meaningful to me - I loved how he taught "Joy is powerful, and focusing on joy will bring God's power into our lives." I'm still wrapping my brain around all that that can mean for me, but in the mean time, I have not one but two coloring pages for you this week, one with that thought, and one with one of the scriptures President Nelson quoted in his talk. If you haven't heard it, get over to and check it out!

To print this page, just right click on the image below and save to your computer, then print normally. Make sure you check "fit to page" so the edges don't get cut off. Feel free to share, and have a wonderful week!