Friday, November 30, 2012

The completed Thanksgiving Wall

At the beginning of November I wrote about my new chalkboard wall, and what I was doing for the month of November.  Each person in our family (as well as any guests who happened to be with us at the end of the day) chose something they were thankful for each day, and I added it to the wall.  It made me happy every time I walked by!  Here's what the finished project looked like:

And after I took this picture, I printed one out and put it in our "gratitude journal" that we always pass around at Thanksgiving, so we'll always have it.  Some of my favorites are when Sam (8 years old) was thankful for being funny and when Eliza (4) wanted to put up that she's thankful for playing with her brothers every single day.  My hubby also requested that Freddie Mercury get some prime real estate.  So fun!

I learned something very important, though -- although chalkboard markers look fantastic, they are NOT good for a homemade-chalkboard-paint wall.  It was almost impossible to get off.  I wiped it off with a wet cloth and it removed some of the markings, but not much.  I ended up scrubbing the whole thing with a magic eraser, and you can STILL see markings in some places.  Sigh.  Regular chalk works like a charm, though, so that's what I'll be sticking with from now on.

I'm planning out my Christmas wall and hope to get it up today -- it's going to be epic!

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