Saturday, August 11, 2007

Would you scrap an appendectomy?

This morning I was at about mile 2 of my first ever 5k when my sweet hubby called me from Idaho Falls, where he was on a business trip, to tell me he was heading to the ER with what he thought was a kidney stone. After I finished the race I called for an update and he said the doctors thought it was really his appendix! My wonderful dad immediately volunteered to drive me up to Idaho Falls, four hours away, to be there with Dan, so we left the boys with my mom and jumped in the car. Before we left, though, I was sure to tuck my camera into my bag -- after all, one doesn't get appendicitis every day!

And thank goodness for that! Poor Dan was in so much pain. By the time they were able to get him in for surgery, his appendix had ruptured and had an abscess and all sorts of yuck. After the surgery Dan felt a whole lot better and has done really well throughout the evening, which I feel is a wonderful blessing from Heavenly Father.

It makes me wonder, though, why I feel so compelled to document all our family happenings, both good and bad. In my quest to get "caught up" with my scrapbooking, I always feel guilty if I skip over some event or cute picture (which is why I am still so far behind). I guess I just want to make sure that all our ups and downs are preserved! We learn from both sides, I suppose. For instance, today I was so worried about Dan, but it made me appreciate him and love him more than ever! dBut now I'm falling asleep even as I type, so, from the EIRMC in Idaho Falls, I'll say goodnight!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

YES! I would scrap this event! I'm so glad your husband is OK! I feel that obsession too! In fact, I'm worse, because I HAVE TO scrap chronologically. If I don't, it drives me crazy! So, I'm so far behind because I'm stuck on my FIRST daughter's First Holy Communion layout. I want it to be PERFECT! She made her communion in May 2005! As soon as my girls go back to school, I'm getting this layout done, and MOVING ON!

P.S. Congrats on the 5K!

Anyway, get good rest and take care! I'm glad all is well!

A Hovel to Home said...

Oh bless, I've been there, it really is very painful. Wishing him well and a speedy recovery. Congrats for your space making it into Cricut newletter, I enjoyed it.

BTW, yes I would scrap it - can't miss a good opportunity can you!


Borens said...

Hey cute lady. Definitely scrap an appendectomy. I'm just impressed that you can spell it. I love your site. :) I have all sorts of new things I want you to cut out for me after looking on your card gallery.

Ted said...

Tomi, I linked your experience from Kelli's at Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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