Monday, August 20, 2007

I am a liberated scrapper!

So I finally decided to liberate myself from trying to "catch up," and I've really been having fun! Here are three pages that I've been wanting to do forever but I was trying to get caught up to them. They are all for the scrapbook I've been doing for my family -- it's 8x8, so it's easy to scan and make prints for everyone.

This first one is my sweet little nephew Noah, who is just the most precious baby ever. I decided to focus on how much everyone in our family loves him, so I couldn't pick just one or two or five pictures.... :) I cut the title with the Stamped Cricut cartridge, and the flourish stamps are from CTMH.

This one is my handsome little bro Nick and his sweet girlfriend, Crystal. Nick was just tickled pink when I asked for a copy of this pic to put in the scrapbook, and that made me really happy. Always nice to know your efforts are appreciated! I just love these scrumptious papers from Sassafrass Lass -- when I saw them at the store, I had no idea what I would use them on but I just couldn't resist. I thought they worked perfectly for this pic!

This last one is from our family reunion this summer. I think this would take the record for the fastest digital layout I've ever done -- I just set up the boxes, slapped the pics in there, and put in the faux label tape and little journal note. I love a fast page!

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Tomie said...

Way to go!!!! Glad you did it! Congrats on your new freedom