Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ack, I've lost my blog list!

Okay, in the shuffle of creating a new look for my blog, I've lost my bloglist! If you know of a great blog I should look at (and yes, that means YOUR blog), please leave me a comment with the address! Thanks!


BettyBee said...

Oh, TommiAnne, I'm Sorry! I invite you to check out my blog. I have some great blogs listed on my favorites. I'm at
Good luck.


mommyhammer said...

You more than welcome to add my blog to your list, although I would not catergorize it as "great", lol! It is more like a work in progress. I really enjoy your blog though. Thanks for all your creativity!

Tricia said...

I hate it when that happens! I love your blog! I had that happen to me when I switched too :(
Please add me:

Unknown said...

You are more then welcome to add mine. i havent posted in a while but i have started back.Your blog is great..

Anonymous said...

That stinks. Feel free to visit mine and add me if you like.


Anonymous said...

You should come check mine out.