Monday, October 9, 2017

What is done in love... happy quote coloring page!

Happy Monday, friends! I finally have a new free coloring page for you - I ran across this quote the other day and it made me so happy. I truly believe we can't go too far astray if our motivation is love. And it's inspired me to do a new coloring page series based on happy, encouraging quotes - I'll have them on my blog for free download just about every Monday morning to get our weeks started off right. So tell me - what are YOUR favorite happy thoughts?

To print this free coloring page, just right-click on the image below to save to your computer, then print as you would a picture. Make sure you click 'fit to page'. Feel free to share!

PS The full color version is available now in my etsy shop - download instantly to print as an 8x10 or 5x7!

PS - I know my last post said I was going to do hymns next, and I'll definitely still be working on those, but I think the happy quotes are going to take priority for a bit. :) Just in case anyone was wondering why I'm so ADD... I can't help myself - there are too many things I want to do!

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