Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happiness is a form of courage - free happy thought coloring page

Is it courageous to choose happiness? I believe it with my whole heart. There is so much out there that could drag us down into a permanent state of doom and gloom - personal struggles, financial problems, family stress, the scary things that happen in the world, you name it. We could live in fear of the next bad thing that is going to happen. We could live with low expectations so that we’re never too disappointed. But we would miss out on so much! There is so much good and lovely and wonderful in our lives and in the world, and if we are brave enough seek out and cherish all of that, we will only find more and more of it.

To print this free coloring page, just right-click on the image below to save to your computer, then print as you would a picture. Make sure you click 'fit to page'. Feel free to share!

I love the simple papercutting look myself, but you can also make it as colorful as you like. You can also download this cheerful sunshine-y version from my Etsy shop. Feel free to share, and have great week!

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