Sunday, March 26, 2017

Certain Women - free LDS Christian coloring page

Hello friends! Last night was the women's session of our semi-annual general conference, and I was so struck by President Linda Burton's message about "certain women," a phrase often used in the New Testament. You can watch it here, but her main idea was to think of the word "certain" in a new way - confident, sure, convinced. She spoke about female disciples of Christ in every era, and how their certain witnesses kept them close to the Savior and empowered them to bring others to Christ as well. She said, "Certain women are disciples, centered in Jesus Christ the Savior." I loved that idea of being centered in the Savior and letting everything else grow from that. Sister Gordon, the first speaker of the evening, had also spoken of staying centered and not getting off balance by trusting in the Lord. My word for 2017 is balance, and these messages really speak to my heart. I hope they do for you, too!

To download this free coloring page, just right click and save to your computer, then print as you would a picture. Make sure to click "fit to page" so you don't miss anything. Feel free to share, and have a great week!

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