Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disneyland apparel -- freezer paper style!

I love going to Disneyland with the kids, and half the fun for me is all the anticipation and planning -- and that includes fun clothes to wear!  The first time we went with all the kids, we had t-shirts printed and I made cute girly polka dot skirts for Eliza and my nieces.  We went again back in June with my hubby's parents, and this time I wanted to let the kids get in on the fun.  Freezer paper stencils seemed the way to go!  (If you haven't jumped on the freezer paper stencil bandwagon, what are you waiting for?!  Go check out this great tutorial.  Seriously.)

You can't see me in this pic, but I'm the one behind the camera trying to let go of my crafting perfectionism...  I let the boys pick out (admittedly with some "guidance" from me) the designs they wanted to paint on their shirts, then cut the designs from freezer paper with my Cricut (these were simple shapes from the Mickey Font cartridge).  I then let them pick out whatever paint color they wanted.  Would I have chosen the iridescent green Josh went with?  Probably not.  But it made him really, really happy.  He also loved squeezing the paint onto the shirt and brushing it on with the sponge brush.   Bless their hearts, they really tried to keep the paint in the design, and there was only minimal green and red splotching elsewhere on the shirts.  (Sam's was especially noticeable since the splotches looked like blood...)  Here's the finished product at the happiest place on Earth:

Eliza didn't get as much creative license -- I said, "Do you want a pretty princess shirt?" and she said "Oh yes yes yes!"  Then I put together this little design from the "Once Upon a Princess" cartridge and created the stencil.  As you can see in the above pic, I did let her wield a paint brush.  She was surprisingly good at it!  After the paint was dry on hers, I used my iRock to bling it up with some gems.  Here she is -- guess where?!

Freezer paper stencils are just plain awesome -- make personalized shirts for any kid, any occasion, any style preference, whatever.  Cheap and fun!

P.S.  Freezer paper stenciling is cool for grown-ups, too.  Sometime soon I'll show you the cool shirts we did for our Dirty Dash team. :)


Emily said...

I love them !! Super fun and cute!

Lili said...

Cute project. Two years ago I made our 'Houston rodeo' t-shirts and they came out great! Love your blog :)

Tonya said...

Adorable! Their shirts turned out great and I am sure they had fun with mommy letting them choose their own style! :)