Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man Card (don't peek, honey!) --

So my hubby and I have a running "discussion" about handmade cards for guys.  He asserts that it just isn't worth it to make fancy cards for guys because it just isn't their style and they're never going to fully appreciate all the hard work you put into it.  When I received the new Father's Day seasonal cartridge from and saw this "Man Card" image, I knew that was just what I needed to make a card for my man for this year's Father's Day.

To make this card:

1. Cut base of card by cutting 8 1/2x11 cardstock in half the long way, so your card will open on the bottom. Round the two bottom corners.
2.  Cut non-froofy patterned paper block to 3 3/4x5 1/4.  Round the bottom two corners, then adhere to card base.
3.  Write your "no_____" strips onto cardstock (you can substitute in your own go-to girly things) and draw a black outline.  Don't make it perfect.  Then cut out each strip and mount to card.
4.  Write "THIS IS A" on a strip of black cardstock with a white GellyRoll pen, then mount to card.  I thought the screw-top brads were a nice manly touch. :)
5.  Cut the "Man Card" image and the oval bottom layer, adhere together, then adhere to card with 3D foam.

6.  For the inside, cut the "foam finger" image with its layer, then adhere together.  I used a base circle of the same patterned paper from the front of the card to help it stand out better.  Write the rest of your sentiment with the white GellyRoll pen.

Anyone else here on the endless quest for cool handmade masculine cards?  What are your go-to solutions?

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Cathie in UT said...

Love it Tomi!
I think you hit the perfect balance between fancy and manly!

Lisa R. said...

Awe. too cute! Love it.