Friday, January 28, 2011

A little help, pretty please?

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Oh, I'm so excited!  The ScrapbookUSA Expo is coming up in March, and it is a sacred weekend to me.  This time around they had a t-shirt design contest, and TWO of my designs made the finals!  They decided to put it to a vote on Facebook, so I am here shamelessly begging for your help!  If you are on Facebook and you have an extra moment, please become a fan of ScrapbookUSA Expo, then scroll down to their pictures on the left-hand side.  Mine are the first two of the four designs.  Here is what they look like:

And here is number 2:

I actually submitted 6 different designs for the contest (hey, I was on a roll, okay?), and I thought you might like to see the others as well.

If you like any of these, I'm going to be putting them in my Zazzle shop on t-shirts (minus the ScrapbookUSA info, of course).

Once again, thank you SO much for your help!  I can't even tell you how excited I am to have made the finals and possibly get to see my designs on everyone's t-shirts at the expo!  I do most of my graphic design work for clients via email and I don't very often get to see my designs off the computer screen, so this would be super cool! :)  And if you're in the Utah area, you should join us for the Expo!  We have a group that gets together at the Expo all day Friday, and then Saturday we go to Archivers to scrapbook our little hearts out.  It's so much fun, and we're always looking for new friends to join the group!

Hope you're having a wonderful day -- don't forget to check out the Valentine's Blog Hop I posted earlier today!


mschiddy said...

Great designs! I'll pop over to Facebook to vote in a bit!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that was a no brainer. Your design with the banners was soooooooooooooo cute..

AShu93 said...

I voted for your first one.

Tonya said...

Hey, good luck! I voted for the second one that made it to the finals...but my favorite is actually the "I ROCK paper & scissors!"

Amanda T said...

I loved every one of your designs! I was SO happy that I could vote on Facebook. You are so amazingly talented and I was anxious to see which design would win! I LOVE THEM ALL!