Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage Button & Lace Necklace!

Sorry I've been MIA lately!  My little brother got married and we have been busy busy with family things and also with lots of fun crafts to go with it!  I have lots of fun things to show you, but I thought before I run out the door to the next thing I'd just show you this fun necklace I made for my new sister-in-law's vintage-themed hen party.  I was totally inspired to use my vintage buttons by the button headband tutorial at Little Miss Momma (I made one of those, too, but I'll have to show it to you later).

It was very easy to make and turned out just fabulous.  Here are the steps!

1.  Gather up your supplies: Vintage buttons (okay, they don't have to be vintage, but I used buttons from my stash that I found in the bottom of the sewing cabinet I inherited from my Grandma, which makes it extra special), a length of lace (I believe I had about 30" here), straight pins, and needle and thread.  I also made a fabric flower out of linen.

2.  Tie the two ends of the lace together, then put it on.  In front of a mirror, use the straight pins to mark where you're going to want your button clusters.

3.  Lay your necklace out and play with your buttons and bits and bobs until it's just how you like it.

4.  Sew buttons and such to lace.

All done!  I got compliments on it all night, too!


Tonya said...

aI love it! Super cute, Tomi! Now, I have a question for you...I'll send in an e-mail later tonight!

Tonya said...

PS - I hope your trip went well! And you had a great time with your family?!