Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Goodies!

Yay for a day to celebrate love!  We started today out, as many of you probably do, with a special yummy breakfast and Valentine's cards and goodies, so I thought I'd share ours!

 This first one is my present for my hubby.  He's not a big fan of the froo-froo craziness that usually accompanies my creative endeavors, so I try hard to make things in a style he'll like.  I found the .svg file for this cute little takeout box at The Frugal Crafter, and it has little paper fortune cookies inside as well as a bunch of yummy chocolate candy.  I designed the graphics for the card myself.  The inside says "love you buckets and heaps and gobs," which is the kind of thing we frequently say to each other.  Oh, don't tell him I told you...



This is the one I made for my boys.  Last week we went to Disneyland, and they were SO excited for Space Mountain but found it, as Joshy put it, "tewifying!"  We all got a total kick out of these!


This was Sammy's valentine for school.  When I saw this idea over on UCreate, I knew it was a winner -- something easy and creative that Sammy would absolutely love.


Dan even got into the creative spirit of things, turning his gift into a heart shape just for me.  I really appreciated that he wanted to make it special, and I REALLY appreciated the Pandora One membership -- now I can scrap to the music without those annoying timeouts or running out of time by the end of the month!  My hubby is so thoughtful -- this is something I wouldn't have thought to do for myself, but I will really enjoy it every day! He also arranged little candy bars in a heart around the vase of lovely roses in the center of the table.  So sweet!

I hope Valentine's Day is a wonderful celebration of love for you, too!


Tonya said...

Such cute and clever valentines gifts and cards! Thanks for sharing! My favorite is how you used the Disney ride picture and said we love you so much it's scary! Too cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Maggie Lamarre said...

luv luv that idea :)

Amanda T said...

Such cute Valentine's! I love the one for your son's school. That is too cute. And your buckets and heaps card is too cute!! You are so clever!!