Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Freeze Frame - Product Review

I'm happy to introduce a new feature of my blog -- the product review! I think we can all agree that fellow-scrapper-enabling is what keeps the scrapbooking industry afloat. I mean, before I got sucked (happily) into the online scrapbooking community, all my supplies fit into one plastic bin. But now, as I hop through tons of forums and blogs, I am constantly finding new goodies that I just can't live without (or discovering older supplies that are too good to let go). As a result, I have a messy, overstuffed room full of fun things just begging to be shared with the world.

The first product I'd like to review is the Freeze Frame. I was introduced to it at the Scrapbook Expo last month, and I almost didn't buy it because I really had shot my budget all to heck, but it was such a great idea I knew I'd be kicking myself if I didn't take it home with me. Here's a video of how I used it for my first project, and I'll sum up with some conclusions below:

-You really can glue each layer in one pass instead of trying to pick up and replace each element and get everything just the way you want it, definitely speeding up the process.
-It also helped me not lose little things like the dot for my exclamation point, which is always aggravating.

-The adhesive mesh was very strong, and did not want to let go of the super-delicate elements on my page.
-It's a very large item, about 18" square, so you need to clear a good chunk of scrapbooking real estate to use it. I got everything mostly in place before I got it out, then carefully moved my layout into the frame, and that worked just fine.
-You do need to replace the mesh after a few months (depending on how much you use it, what kind of embellishments you use, etc.)

Conclusion: For me,the fun part of scrapbooking is creating the elements and arranging everything just so. Getting all the little bits and pieces adhered down can be a pain, and the Freeze Frame made that part a snap. Definitely recommended if you have a big enough desk -- I think I'll get a ton of use out of it.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars
Price: MSRP $29.99 (I got mine for about $20 at the Scrapbook Expo, and I noticed several online shops had prices in the low-mid $20 range.) Replacement mesh is about $6


Tonya said...

Wow! Great idea for the product review...I need this, and I love how you started out with a small plastic bin now to your own scrap, too!

As for this product, I love that you could pick up all those letters together in place and then glue them. However, I like to use the Xyron for my small letters to make sure they adhere well. And I have never heard of this product before your video so it must be fun to go and see new items at the expo!

Thank you for your time and your review. Very helpful! P.S. - I am in the market for a really nice paper cutter...I haven't found one in the last 10 years that I love. But I buy one and then use it until it breaks and buy a different one the next time. Any suggestions?

PatchworkPapercrafts said...

Your first review was an awesome one! I've never heard of the Freeze Frame before and from the looks of it, you've totally enabled me into NEEDING one of these for my projects and scrapbook pages. I'm currently working on a project now, with lots of little pieces, and this would have made my work so much easier. Aside from the great video and adorable project, I like how you wrote about the pros and cons of the product underneath your video. Thanks for the enabling, Tomi, and for a wonderful review of this new "must have".

Amy C said...

Great review Tomi!! I had been wondering how the Freeze Frame was working for you. Still not something I will be getting very soon. My scrap space is prime real estate and there is no room for something that big on my desk. I also don't like the fact that by the time you get done putting the adhesive on your letters, the zig marker is dried on the first ones (I use a zig, too).

You did awesome with this first review. Thanks for sharing it with us. =)

Amy ♥

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