Sunday, August 28, 2016

Be Ye Doers of the Word

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Happy Sunday! For the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about this scripture from James 1:22: "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only..." We know from the scriptures that we are saved by the grace of the Savior - it is only through His power and Atonement that we can be forgiven and come back to live with our Heavenly Father. No amount of good works, without His grace, is enough. So why the admonition to be doers of the word and not hearers only? I had a picture in my mind of bees gathering nectar -- they go from flower to flower collecting all that sweetness, and that is like hearing the Word of God. It's sweet and wonderful. But the real magic only happens when they take it back to the hive -- the bees are able to turn that nectar into the honey that sustains them and their whole hive. Being a "doer of the word" - being willing to keep the commandments and DO the things Jesus taught - is like taking the nectar to the hive -- taking the sweet thoughts and feelings we experience when we hear the word of God and turning into actions that help us BECOME like our Savior. That becoming is what sustains us; it's the whole point of all that we're commanded to do. Our Heavenly Father wants so much happiness and sweetness for us, but we've got to bring that nectar to the hive to experience it.

To print out this coloring page, just right click the image below and save to your computer. Then print, making sure to select "fit to page" so nothing gets cut off. Feel free to share, and have a wonderful week!

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