Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute Halloween Treats

Watch out, these are "poooooky," as my 3-year-old described them!  I'm no food blogger, but I just had to share the cute treats we enjoyed at the very fun Halloween party my sister-in-law Esther threw last weekend.

1. Esther asked me to make these Monster Fingers from Family Fun.  The instructions made them seem complicated and time-consuming, but they really weren't too bad.  And look how dang cool they are!

2. My kids' favorite was Esther's Witches' Brooms -- just a pretzel rod wrapped in a fringed-up fruit roll-up.  This was the treat my 5-year-old could NOT stop talking about.

3. Chad, my brother-in-law, made these spooky apple mouths with snaggly almond teeth.  Just cut a wedge of apple, cut a "mouth" out of the skin side, and poke slivered almonds in.

4. For the main course, Mummy Dogs!  Hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough with mustard eyes.

5. My favorite part was the Monster Eyeballs I made with my boys!  I got the idea from Pinterest. (I think the original post was on eighteen25, but it's one of those orphan repins that doesn't link to anywhere. Make sure you are pinning from the actual post, so you and others can find it again! Update: I found it here.) It's just Oreo cookies dipped in almond bark (that white candy coating), and then you add a gummy Lifesaver and a chocolate chip to the middle.  I put them in the freezer to set up, and when they were all done I took a little food coloring pen to make the squiggly lines. They were adorable to look at and surprisingly delicious!

There you have it -- my contribution to Halloween this year. :)

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Stephanie said...

What a fun spread! And I love that it's cute and not gory. I can't eat anything that looks like blood (or even worms :)