Friday, April 11, 2008

Board book baby-album & coordinating card

This project combined two of my favorite things -- board book mini-albums and coordinating papers! Both make it so much easier to make beautiful gifts. I was able to make this whole project and card from the book, three sheets of patterned paper, and one sheet of brown cardstock, with enough leftovers at least a couple more cards. Since I got all of this on sale at one point or another, the total cost of materials was very low. I love this Crate paper for a baby girl. I used the Cricut Stamped cartridge for "Zoe" and the heart, and Jasmine for the photo corners inside. The stamps are from Stampin' Up.

And here is the card that goes with it!

Thanks for looking!


Lynn said...

So glad to see you back at it!
Visit my blog to pick up an award!

Lynn said...


michelle said...

Beautiful love them both !

~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

I really like this.. and the colors you chose are great!

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